About RPM “Call 201-669-1158 and Lease a New Car TODAY!”

  1. When you lease through RPM Auto Leasing you pay significantly less than what you pay leasing through dealerships. We are direct leasing agents and have relationships with many vehicle manufacturers.

  2. With RPM Auto Leasing you get the exact same vehicle with the same full manufacturers bumper to bumper warranty and maintenance plan that you get when leasing through dealerships.

  3. We are not a dealership - we are leasing agents - and we do not have the overhead that dealerships have. Additionally we are willing to make significantly less profit than a dealership so we are able to pass these savings on to you.

  4. Our leases are generally financed directly through the manufacturers own finance division. For example, if you lease the Honda Accord the financer will be Honda Financial. Sometimes we are able to offer even better finance options through other institutions or credit unions etc.

  5. Many of our vehicles are in dealer stock and can be delivered to you within one or two days. Upon completion of your lease agreement with us we deliver the vehicle to your home or place of business.

  6. When you lease a vehicle with RPM Auto Leasing you are provided the option of purchasing at the end of your lease; but if you prefer you also have the option to simply return your vehicle at the end of the lease with no other responsibilities.

  7. We encourage you to go to each manufactures webpage to see what their national offers are on the exact same vehicle that you would be leasing for far less with us!